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Emilia is the lovely lady responsible for all the lovely custom orders. Though usually, Emilia will be your first point of contact for most things related to Socially Vegan Cakes. If writing in about an order, include as much information as you can about what it is you’re after. If you haven’t decided, just include pictures of the kind of style you’re going for, and what you’re deciding between. We can help you make choices on flavour and decoration.


E sona@sociallyvegan.com

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Sona is the brains behind all the amazing flavours and creations. She’s the one to go to for most of the cupcake related inquires, and anything to do with concocting new things.


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Zara is the woman behind all the communications. The websites, the facebook page, the business cards, and anything else with our logo on it. Zara is also the one running the show over at SociallyVegan.com, and she started the brand. Talk to her about anything vegan going on in Sydney that you’d like either Socially Vegan, or Socially Vegan Cakes to be a part of.

Please, be respectful, and do not ask us about our recipes or our processes. We maintain our secrets, as we have perfected our recipes, to a science in order to better serve you, our community.

If you’re after any starting point of vegan baking, then simply google the exact thing you want to bake. For instance, google “vegan banana bread recipe” and a whole list of things will come up. You’ll eventually learn what you usually substitute, or what your favourite vegan baking shortcuts are. There are some amazing sources out there. Be sure to check out a couple of the results, and try a few.

If you’ve found a favourite you’d like to share with us, please email Zara, and she’ll try it, and put it up on SociallyVegan.com, with credits to you, and the website from which it originated.

We love hearing what you have to say! If you’ve ordered from us, and your order comes up in our blog, feel free to comment on it, telling us what you thought. We’re also compiling a reviews/testimonials page, so please, either leave a review on Socially Vegan Cakes’ Facebook Page, or email Zara.

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